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An efficient Ventilation System in your home creates a healthier, drier and more comfortable living space for you and your family. The Humidex, a powerful Ventilation System and dehumidifier, does this by removing excess moisture and pollutants from the air.

When homes do not have proper ventilation, pollutants and indoor moisture stagnate and nurture mold spores and dust mites. The typical family produces a lot of moisture through washing, showers, cooking, and even breathing. Moisture generally gravitates downwards into lower levels and because it has nowhere to go, stagnates and saturates the structure. Saturation to the structure can weaken it and result in costly damages. Installing the Humidex will prevent this from happening.

Another primary source of moisture comes from your basement or crawl space. Building materials may also contain excessive moisture and need to be dried out. When moisture in the air gets into contact with cold surfaces like basement walls and floors, it becomes water. The Humidex System prevents moisture from condensing and turning into water by expelling excess moisture from the air.

Please note that Humidex and other Ventilation Systems or dehumidifiers DO NOT prevent water from entering your basement. They are NOT designed to prevent your basement from leaking and getting wet. For a leaky basement, we highly recommend Amazonia's Basement Water Management System. Our Basement Water Management System works in conjunction with the Humidex System to give you 100% guarantee that water will never enter your basement from the outside, while removing existing moisture within the air in your basement.


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