Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men’s Sizes. Here are 10 Great Options

An Overview of the Nike Reax Line of Shoes

Looking for Nike Reax shoes in men’s sizes? The Nike Reax line offers performance running shoes with excellent cushioning and responsiveness. These shoes are designed to adapt to your foot’s movement and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Here are 10 great options for men looking for Nike Reax shoes in larger sizes:

Nike Reax 8 TR

The Nike Reax 8 TR is one of the most popular models in the Reax line. It features a lightweight, breathable mesh upper with Flywire cables that connect to the lacing system for a dynamic fit that adapts to your foot. The midsole uses Nike’s Reax technology with responsive Cushlon foam pads that compress and rebound with each stride. Rubber wraps up the sides for stability and traction. The Reax 8 TR runs a bit narrow, so it’s a good option for those needing a shoe in size 13 or larger.

Nike Reax Run 5

For a roomy fit, check out the Nike Reax Run 5. It has a wide profile through the forefoot and toe box to accommodate wider feet. This shoe uses a breathable air mesh upper with minimal, no-sew overlays for irritation-free wear. The molded midsole provides soft cushioning and reliable impact protection. Flex grooves in the rubber outsole enhance flexibility. The Reax Run 5 comes in wide width options up to size 15.

Nike Reax Speed TR

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

The Nike Reax Speed TR is built for fast-paced training with a lightweight, supportive design. The upper combines open mesh fabric with Flywire cables and flat synthetic overlays. An eco-friendly forefoot plate provides torsional rigidity. Two types of foam in the midsole offer soft cushioning and resilient responsiveness. The heel is loaded with cushioning gel pods for shock absorption. Waffle pistons on the outsole compress and rebound with each step. The Reax Speed TR is great for larger runners needing a lightweight performance shoe.

Nike Reax 9 TR

For a modern look and feel, try the Nike Reax 9 TR. It has a sleek, low-profile design with contemporary styling. The upper is an open mesh material with minimal overlays for breathability. Flywire cables integrate with the laces to lock the foot in place over the Reax foam midsole. Rubber lugs on the heel and forefoot provide multidirectional traction. The Reax 9 TR comes in wide width options and runs a half-size large so it can accommodate size 13 feet comfortably.

Nike Reax 7 TR

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

The Nike Reax 7 TR is a great choice if you like a firm, responsive ride. This shoe uses a breathable mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays for structured support. Full-length Phylon cushioning and an articulated Cushlon midsole work together to absorb impact while providing energy return. Environmentally preferred rubber wraps up the medial side. Flex grooves encourage smooth transitions. For those needing a performance shoe in a size 14 or 15, the Reax 7 TR has got you covered.

Nike Reax 8 Leather

For an upscale leather look, check out the Nike Reax 8 Leather. This model features premium full-grain leather in the upper with perforations for ventilation. Padded foam around the collar delivers a comfortable, secure fit. The midsole provides plush cushioning and responsive rebound through Reax technology. Rubber lugs on the outsole grip surfaces and flex with the foot. The Reax 8 Leather runs true to size and comes in options up to size 14.

Nike Reax Hyper TR

The Reax Hyper TR is an excellent choice if you want maximum cushioning. This shoe utilizes a higher midsole height for enhanced shock absorption and comfort. The upper combines mesh fabric with synthetic overlays for breathability and structure. Supportive Flywire cables integrate with the laces for a locked-down fit. Full-length articulated Reax foam delivers a smooth, cushioned ride. The solid rubber outsole provides durable traction. The Reax Hyper TR runs true to size and comes in wide options.

Nike Reax Run 9

For a well-cushioned running shoe, the Nike Reax Run 9 is a great pick. It features a combination upper with mesh fabric and synthetic leather for a secure, breathable fit. The full-length foam midsole uses Nike’s Reax technology to deflect impacts while providing responsive propulsion. Deep flex grooves promote a smooth heel-to-toe transition. This model runs true to size and comes in wide width options to accommodate wider feet. It’s available up to a size 15.

Nike Reax Strada TR

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

The Nike Reax Strada TR is designed for pavement-pounding. This road running shoe uses a mixed upper of mesh and synthetic leather for breathable support. Flywire cables connect to the laces for an adaptive fit that moves with your foot. The articulated Reax foam midsole absorbs shock and rebounds with each stride. A waffle rubber outsole provides durable traction over varied terrain. With a roomy toe box, the Reax Strada TR fits size 14 feet with ease.

Nike Reax Speed TR 2

An update of the original, the Reax Speed TR 2 provides lightweight responsiveness perfect for fast training. The seamless mesh upper with Flywire cables delivers foot-hugging support. Two layers of foam in the midsole work together to absorb impacts while propelling you forward. Deep flex grooves encourage smooth transitions. The solid rubber outsole is durable yet flexible. The Reax Speed TR 2 runs true to size and is available in men’s options up to size 15.

The Nike Reax line offers high-performance athletic shoes tailored to larger men’s feet. With options featuring cushioning, support, and responsiveness, Reax shoes allow you to train and compete at your highest potential. Whether you need a comfortable training shoe or a fast racing flat, Nike Reax has a model to match your needs in sizes 13, 14, and 15.

The Benefits of Nike Reax Shoes for Men

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Fellas, looking to step up your shoe game? The Nike Reax line has you covered. These performance kicks are specially designed to provide active guys with responsive cushioning, dynamic support, and smooth rides. Whether you’re a runner, trainer, or weekend warrior, Reax shoes offer advantages that can help take your game to the next level.

Cushioning That Adapts

A key benefit of Nike Reax shoes is the responsive cushioning technology. The midsoles use proprietary Reax foam that compresses on impact and springs back on lift-off. So the shoes essentially customize the cushioning to your stride, providing soft landings and energized takeoffs. Plus, the articulated cushioning pads flex naturally with your foot for smooth transitions.

Dynamic Support

Reax shoes don’t just cushion your feet, they actually support movement too. Features like Flywire cables integrate with laces to lock the foot in place. This creates a dynamic fit that moves and adapts with your foot as you run or train. Some models also use midfoot shanks or saddle overlays to provide structured arch support. So Reax kicks offer active support when and where you need it.

Lightweight Comfort

Nobody wants to feel like they’re running with cinder blocks on their feet. Reax shoes are designed with lightweight breathable uppers to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable on the move. Mesh fabric and synthetic leather provide air flow and flexible support. Minimal, no-sew overlays prevent irritation so you can focus on your activity, not your shoes.

Multi-Surface Traction

The durable rubber outsoles of Reax shoes grip pavement, turf, trails, you name it. Lug patterns, flex grooves and pistons compress and rebound to deliver stable footing on varied terrain. Whether you’re doing roadwork, field drills, or hitting the trail, Reax shoes equip you with adaptable traction to help maximize every workout.

Wide Size Options

Finding athletic shoes can be a challenge if you have wide feet or need larger sizes like 13, 14 or 15. Many Reax models are engineered with roomy profiles and wide width availability. So rather than squeezing into narrow kicks, you can get shoes tailored to fit your feet comfortably.

Performance Styling

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Let’s be honest, looks matter when it comes to shoes. The Nike Reax line merges performance engineering with modern styling for kicks that look as good as they feel. Whether you prefer a classic training shoe, sleek racing flat or leather runner, Reax shoes deliver athletic function with sporty flair.

Versatile Use

Reax shoes are designed for versatile athletic use. Cushioned models work for running, training, cross-training and gym sessions. Low-profile Reax flats are ideal for racing and fast workouts. There are also Reax shoes built for trail adventures. So one great pair of kicks can carry you through a variety of activities.

Trusted Brand

Nike has been a leader in athletic footwear for decades. Their shoes are worn by pros and hardcore amateurs alike. So when you choose Nike Reax, you know you’re getting innovative technology and quality construction from a brand that’s earned trust. No need to gamble on some random unknown company.

Affordable Price Point

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Considering the technology and performance they deliver, Reax shoes are very reasonably priced. Models typically range from $60 to $120, in line with other running/training shoes. So you can get advanced features and a high-end brand without breaking the bank.

If you’re a guy seeking shoes to take your game to the next level, Nike Reax delivers advantages like customized cushioning, dynamic support and versatile performance. Whether training, running, working out or just walking around town, Reax shoes offer athletic comfort, responsiveness and style to fit active men with ease.

Top 5 Color Options for Nike Reax Shoes

Looking for a fresh new pair of Nike Reax? One of the best parts of getting new kicks is choosing the perfect colorway. Whether you want something bold and bright or low-key and subtle, Nike offers Reax models in a range of stylish shades. Here are 5 top color options to consider for your next pair of Nike Reax shoes:

1. Black

You can’t go wrong with classic black when it comes to athletic shoes. The Nike Reax 8 TR, Run 8, and Speed TR all come in stealthy black colorways. This versatile shade provides understated style that pairs well with any training gear or casual outfit. Black is especially ideal for larger Reax sizes, as it creates a slimming effect.

2. Cool Grey

For athletic shoes with casual crossover appeal, cool grey is a top choice. Models like the Nike Reax 9 TR, Run 9, and Hyper TR utilize gray hues for modern, urbane looks. The muted tones provide versatility to transition from the gym to the streets seamlessly. Grey Reax shoes deliver laid-back vibes while still offering high-performance.

3. White

White shoes can make a bold fashion statement, especially when kept crisp and clean. Nike offers several Reax models like the 8 TR, 9 TR and Run 8 in white color schemes with black or gray accents. White provides a lightweight look and feels ultra-fresh during summer months. Just be prepared to keep those white Reax kicks spotless!

4. Blue

Looking to add a splash of color to your footwear? Vibrant blue is a great choice for Nike Reax. Various shades like photo blue, volt blue, and blue glow are available on models like the Reax Run 9, Speed TR and Hyper TR. Blue hues pop against black accents for energetic style. Just enough color without being over the top.

5. Neon

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

For high-visibility colors to get you noticed, neon Nike Reax shoes deliver. Electric shades like volt green, hyper crimson, and laser orange combine standout colors with high-tech style. Neon color pops provide great visibility for early morning and nighttime training. Models like the Reax Run 8, Speed TR and 9 TR utilize neon for impossible-to-miss looks.

Coordinating Reax Colorways

Along with choosing an eye-catching base color, consider coordinating shades throughout your Nike Reax shoes. Many models use two to three complementary hues for unique colorways:

  • Black upper with neon green accents
  • Gray upper with volt blue outsole and laces
  • White upper with black Swoosh and laces
  • Navy upper with red laces and silver accents

Mixing and matching colors throughout your Reax shoes amps up the style. It also allows you to customize the look to complement your activewear clothing.

Considerations for Men’s Sizes

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

When selecting Reax colorways in larger men’s sizes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Darker shades tend to be slimming for larger shoes
  • Bright colors draw attention away from the size
  • Limit white to accents so shoes don’t look too bulky
  • Stick to 1-3 complementary colors for clean looks

With the wide range of options Nike offers, you can find stylish Reax colorways regardless of your size. Consider bolder brights or neon if you want your shoes to pop. Or go for versatile darks like black or grey for understated looks. Complementary color combos throughout the shoes add stylistic flair. Pick the hues that best match your personal taste and training style.

Finding the Right Size Nike Reax – Common Men’s Sizes

Fellas, figuring out your perfect Nike Reax shoe size is key to getting that ideal fit. With athletic shoes, you want a snug supportive feel without any slipping or tight squeezing. Most guys wear Nike sizes between 8 and 14. Here’s a breakdown of how Reax shoe sizes typically fit for common men’s dimensions:

Size 8 Men’s

If you normally wear a size 8 in Nike or other athletic shoes, you’ll want to stick with 8 in Reax models too. A US size 8 correlates to a length of about 9 1/4 inches. The Reax 8 TR, Run 8, and Speed 8 all provide great support for men at this smaller shoe size. You’ll experience responsive cushioning without bulkiness.

Size 9 Men’s

Moving up the scale, size 9 fits guys with a foot length of around 9 5/8 inches. This is the most common men’s shoe size. Nike Reax size 9 shoes like the Run 9 TR or Leather 9 offer a roomier fit through the forefoot and toebox, perfect for this medium-large foot dimension. Plenty of toe splay room.

Size 10 Men’s

A shoe size 10 in the Reax line will comfortably fit guys with a 10 inch foot length. Models like the Reax Hyper TR 10 or Strada Run 10 provide great lockdown and control for size 10 feet. The lacing and midfoot saddle integrate seamlessly at this popular size.

Size 11 Men’s

As one of the most widely available men’s sizes, Reax size 11 fits feet measuring around 10 3/8 inches long. The Reax 11 TR or Run 11 offer great blend of cushioning and response for this common mid-large foot length. The toebox has wiggle room without excess bulk.

Size 12 Men’s

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

In the core size range, Reax size 12 is ideal for guy’s with 11 inch long feet. Models like the Nike Reax 12 TR or Speed 12 provide comfortable support and traction at this largish size. The shoes feel light and fast during runs and workouts.

Size 13 Men’s

Getting up into the larger end, size 13 fits men with approximately 11 5/8 inch foot length. Many Reax models like the Run 13 and Speed 13 come in size 13 and include wider size options too. This allows room for feet to swell during intense activity.

Size 14 Men’s

For big fellas, Reax size 14 fits a foot that measures around 12 1/4 inches long. Even at this big size, shoes like the Reax TR 14 and Run 14 provide great performance with cushioning and responsiveness. The fit adjusts well to support wide feet too.

Size 15 Men’s

At the far end of the spectrum, size 15 fits huge feet approximately 12 7/8 inches in length. Models like the Reax Run 15 allow plenty of toe room for this XL length. Wide size options provide flexibility to find that ideal Reax fit.

Remember – shoe size varies based on foot width too. If you have wide feet, consider going up half a size and opting for wide width Reax shoes. This prevents squeezing while still keeping the foot secure during activity. With Nike Reax, you can find your perfect fit for comfortable performance.

Reviews of Nike Reax 8 TR for Men

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

The Nike Reax 8 TR is a versatile cross-training shoe built for athletic performance. With responsive cushioning and dynamic support, this model provides excellent functionality for men’s daily workouts and training. Here’s an in-depth look at the key features and reviews of the Reax 8 TR:

Lightweight Breathable Upper

The Reax 8 TR utilizes an open mesh upper material that provides good ventilation to keep feet cool and dry. Synthetic leather overlays add structure and durability without excess weight. Reflective details improve visibility for early morning and evening training. The upper gets top marks for its comfortable lightweight feel.

Dynamic Fit System

Integrated Flywire cables connect the lacing system to the midfoot for adaptive support that moves with the foot. This clever dynamic fit system locks the foot in place during lateral moves and high-intensity training. Reviewers praise the midfoot lockdown and custom feel.

Cushlon + Reax Cushioning

A dual-density midsole combines soft Cushlon foam with responsive Reax cushioning pods that compress and rebound with each stride. The articulated segments flex naturally for smooth heel-to-toe transitions. Most reviews rave about the springy, well-cushioned ride.

Durable Rubber Outsole

The solid rubber outsole utilizes waffle pistons that compress and return energy on toe-off. Flex grooves encourage forefoot flexibility. The durable tread pattern grips gym floors, turf, tracks, light trails and more. Users praise the versatile traction.

Comfort + Support

Overall, reviews highlight the Reax 8 TR as a comfortable, supportive cross-trainer. The breathable upper keeps feet cool and dry even during intensive workouts. The dynamic fit system adjusts to provide a secure feel across varied movements. Plush cushioning softens impacts while the firm midsole and overlays prevent your feet from sloshing around.

Versatile for Training

This model transitions seamlessly from the weights room to the track to light trail running. The outsole grip and midsole cushioning provide stability during plyometrics and HIIT training. Lightness and responsiveness make them ideal for sprints and agility drills. Reviewers love the versatility for cross-training.

True to Size

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Across wear-test reviews, the Reax 8 TR runs true to size for most feet. Those with high arches or wide feet may want to size up half a size. The shoe fits snugly out of the box but breaks in after a few sessions. Lockdown is customizable with the dynamic lacing fit.

Great Durability

After repeated use for training, the Reax 8 TR shows minimal signs of wear. The outsole rubber, secured overlays and stitched upper stand up well to rigorous use. Aside from some midsole compression, the shoe retains its performance and integrity season after season.

Reasonable Price Point

Given the technology and quality construction, most agree the Nike Reax 8 TR provides excellent value at around $80-$100. Comparable cross-trainers often cost $120+, making these shoes a great buy. Affordability along with performance makes them a top choice.

If you’re a guy seeking a durable, comfortable training shoe, the Nike Reax 8 TR hits all the markers. With customized support, responsive cushioning and multi-surface traction, this versatile kick is built to energize your active lifestyle.

Where to Buy Nike Reax Shoes Online

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Looking for a new pair of Nike Reax kicks? Thanks to the internet, you can now shop for Reax shoes easily online. Buying online provides access to full product ranges, lets you find rare/exclusive styles, and offers convenience for having shoes delivered. Here are some top spots to purchase Nike Reax shoes online:


As you’d expect, Nike.com is a prime destination for online Reax shoe shopping. As the official brand site, Nike.com offers the full selection of current season Reax models. You can browse by gender, activity, sport, and more filters to pinpoint the perfect shoes.

Nike provides detailed product descriptions, specs, photos, and reviews to inform your buying decision. Their site makes it easy to compare Reax models side-by-side. An account profile allows you to store payment info, earning Nike Rewards points on purchases.

Foot Locker

Major athletic retailer Foot Locker carries an extensive range of Nike shoes online, including the latest Reax releases. Their website allows you to filter Reax specifically and view available colorways. Helpful size charts confirm fit.

Foot Locker lists current promo codes onsite to redeem discounts or free shipping. Sign up for a free account to get early access to sales and new launches. Loyalty program status provides free shipping and bonus rewards.


Known for outstanding service, Zappos provides fast free shipping and returns on all orders. Their online shoe selection includes most Nike Reax models for men and women. Use the site filters or search “Nike Reax” to see options.

Zappos offers a live chat for any questions while shopping. Reviews from verified purchasers provide helpful sizing feedback. Zappos VIP members get expedited shipping plus early access to sales.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

As a major athletic gear retailer, Dick’s sells a great variety of Nike shoes at their online store. Filter by brand and shoe type to shop the available Reax selection. Item details provide dimensions and sizing guidance.

Dick’s offers free shipping on orders over $50. Sign up for email to get discount codes and sale alerts. Their price match guarantee means you get the lowest price found elsewhere.

Finish Line

Finish Line stocks Nike’s latest performance athletic shoes, including Reax models for running, training, and more. Their website makes it easy to sort by gender, sport, brand, and shoe type to find the exact Reax you want.

Finish Line provides free shipping on all orders. Join their rewards program to earn points on purchases and receive exclusive discounts. They also price match select competing retailers.

From the official Nike store to major shoe retailers, you have plenty of trusted options for buying Nike Reax shoes online. Take advantage of features like free shipping, price matching, and loyalty programs. Happy shopping for your next pair of performance Reax kicks!

Stylish Nike Reax Options for Everyday Wear

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Nike Reax shoes aren’t just for workouts – many models also double as fashionable lifestyle sneakers. With their athletic-inspired designs and casual silhouettes, Reax kicks transition seamlessly from the gym to the streets. Here are some of the most stylish Nike Reax options that add modern flair to everyday wear:

Nike Reax Run 9

The Nike Reax Run 9 has a low-profile design that looks great paired with jeans or joggers. The mixed material upper combines mesh with synthetic leather accents for texture and depth. Pops of color throughout provide eye-catching flair without being overly bold.

Nike Reax 8 Leather

Constructed with premium full-grain leather, the Reax 8 Leather elevates your look with vintage runner styling. Perforations along the toe and sides add breathability while giving these kicks a hand-crafted vibe. The leather pairs perfectly with casual button-downs or shorts.

Nike Reax Hyper TR

The Reax Hyper TR features a trendy upper with semi-translucent mesh fabric and fused overlays. The exaggerated midsole taper gives these shoes a lifted, retro-modern look. Neon accents and speckled detailing provide sporty pops of color.

Nike Reax 9 TR

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

With its low-cut ankle and minimalist design, the Nike Reax 9 TR has a sleek, fast look ideal for casual wear. A synthetic leather saddle provides midfoot support. Outsole tread adds grip without looking too rugged for streetwear.

Nike Reax Speed TR

Lace-up Reax training shoes like the Speed TR model bridge athletic functionality with versatile styling. The mix of mesh fabric, synthetic leather and thermoplastic construction blends textures. Low-profile cushioning keeps the look light.

Nike Reax Run 8

The Reax Run 8 combines open mesh fabric with floating overlays for the look of a modern runner. Webbed lacing and molded textures complement the layered upper details. Run-ready geometry transitions slickly from running trails to city streets.

Nike Reax Devastate TR

Modeled off vintage basketball shoes, the Reax Devastate TR injects court-inspired style into everyday wear. The leather upper and high collar mimic classic hoops shoes. Pops of color on the collar lining and heel add flair.

Nike Reax RN5 Canvas

For understated casual style, the low-top RN5 Canvas has a minimalist vibe perfect for kicking around town. The mixed canvas upper provides laid-back texture while the speckled foam sidewalls add subtle flair.

Nike Reax Finale TR

The Reax Finale TR blends retro appeal with modern construction. The upper combines open mesh, synthetic suede and thermoplastic textile for varied texture. Full-length articulated cushioning gives a fashion-forward lifted profile.

With versatile styling that spans athletic and casual contexts, Nike Reax shoes make great lifestyle companions. Low-profile cushioning, mixed materials and pops of color keep the look fresh from the gym to the streets.

Taking Nike Reax Shoes From the Gym to the Street

Nike Reax training shoes are engineered for athletic functionality, but many models also double as stylish lifestyle sneakers. With their sporty silhouettes and versatile designs, Reax kicks make the transition seamlessly from the gym to the concrete jungle. Here are some tips for taking your Reax shoes from fitness to fashion:

Choose Crossover Styles

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Some Nike Reax models like the RN5, Run 9, and Hyper TR feature low-profile designs that look right at home both working out and walking around town. Opt for Reax shoes with minimalist uppers, integrated lacing systems and muted colors for maximum versatility.

Mix Up Your Outfits

Match your Reax training shoes with casual staples like joggers, jeans, hoodies and bomber jackets for rugged urban edge. Activewear-inspired athleisure outfits also complement the sporty vibe. Contrast the sneakers with refined pieces like blazers or dress shirts to balance their casualness.

Keep Them Clean

Be sure to keep your Reax shoes fresh in between gym sessions to maximize their streetwear potential. Use shoe cleaning wipes after workouts to remove dirt, sweat and odor buildup. Periodically hand wash and air dry to restore whiteness. Replace insoles as needed.

Swap Laces for Style

Lace swaps instantly elevate your Nike Reax for casual wear. Opt for tonal flat laces to simplify the look. Bright neon and pastel colors inject eye-catching flair. Premium leather or woven textile laces add sophisticated texture.

Use Protective Sprays

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Preserve the style of your Reax by applying protective sprays before wearing them off the training floor. Water repellents guard against rain and stain damage. Crease/scuff protectants fortify high-wear areas. Invincible shields protect entire shoes.

Cushion with Inserts

Slide soft insoles or gel inserts into your Reax for all-day wear away from the gym. Increased underfoot padding boosts comfort for extended walking and standing. Look for moisture-wicking linings to minimize sweat buildup.

Consider Customization

Personalize your Nike Reax with DIY customization for original streetwear flair. Use markers, fabric paint or adhesive prints to create unique patterns and color combos. Stencil, embroider or patch your shoes to transform them.

Know Your Terrain

Take into account activities and conditions before styling Reax off the field. Highly cushioned or traction-focused models work better for urban exploration versus sleeker, low-profile designs. Waterproofing/protection is key in wet climates.

With versatile styling sensibilities, Nike Reax training shoes make the flexible transition from fitness fashion to streetwear. Use these tips to maximize their crossover potential for all-day wear.

Comparison of Nike Reax vs Other Reax Shoe Brands

While Nike populized the Reax name, there are a few other athletic brands that utilize Reax technology in their shoes. How does Nike’s Reax cushioning system stack up against the competition? Here’s an overview comparing Nike Reax shoes versus other Reax shoe brands:

Reebok Reax

Like Nike, Reebok has adopted Reax foam cushioning for some of their performance shoes. Models like the Reebok Reax Run and Reebok Reax Way provide responsive comfort. However, Nike tends to use more articulated cushioning segments for smoother transitions.

For support, Reebok Reax shoes rely more on wide midfoot bands rather than Nike’s dynamic Flywire cabling. Nike also offers greater versatility from running to training shoes.

Puma Reax

With options like the Puma Reax Run 902, Puma incorporates Reax technology but on a smaller scale than Nike. Puma Reax shoes focus more on stability through TPU shanks and Torsion technology.

Cushioning in Puma Reax shoes tends to be firmer and denser versus Nike’s plush articulated Reax foam. Nike Reax shoes generally provide more flexibility as well.

Asics Reax

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

Asics utilizes Reax cushioning foam in select running shoe models like the Asics Reaxion. However, Nike offers Reax tech across running, training, basketball and other sport categories.

Asics Reax shoes also feature a lot of plastic structural components for support, making them less flexible than Nike Reax. Nike better balances cushioning and flex.

New Balance Reax

Some New Balance performance shoes contain Reax foam in the midsole, like the New Balance Reax 610v5. However, New Balance uses it more sparingly than Nike.

New Balance Reax models focus more on stability through roll bars and synthetic overlays. Nike Reax provides a closer foot-hugging adaptive fit.

Brooks Reax

Brooks incorporates Reax in a few shoes like the Adrenaline GTS Reax. However, their versions don’t articulate or flex as dynamically as Nike’s system.

Brooks Reax shoes feature substantial arch bridges and synthetic cages for support rather than adaptive cabling. The styles also skew more towards clunky overbuilt models.

Overall, while other brands offer Reax cushioning models, Nike Reax shoes deliver the system most effectively through articulated flexibility, dynamic support and versatile performance. They balance Reax tech with comfort and flexibility for a smooth, natural ride.

Keeping Your Nike Reax Shoes in Top Condition

Looking for Nike Reax Shoes in Men

To get the most out of your Nike Reax shoes’ performance and extend their lifespan, it’s important to keep them in optimum condition. With consistent cleaning, storage, and care, your Reax kicks can maintain their comfort, support and style season after season. Here are some tips for keeping Nike Reax shoes in peak form:

Clean Regularly

Give your Reax a thorough cleaning after each wear to prevent dirt, debris and stains from building up. Use a small brush with warm water and mild soap to gently scrub the upper, midsole and outsole. Rinse thoroughly and air dry naturally away from direct sunlight.

Disinfect Weekly

Spray the inside of your Reax shoes with an anti-bacterial, anti-odor disinfectant spray weekly to kill germs and keep feet fresh. Lysol or antibacterial shoe sprays work well. Let shoes air out for 15 minutes after spraying before wearing.

Remove Stains ASAP

Treat stains on your Reax shoes as soon as possible. Dab excess, then use a stain remover stick, soft brush and warm water to work gently from the edges inward. Avoid harsh scrubbing. For stubborn marks, use diluted white vinegar.

Use Protective Sprays

Apply water repellent and stain guard sprays to help maintain your Reax shoes’ clean look and prevent future soiling. Spray upper fabric, side panels and high-wear areas like the toe box and collar.

Replace Insoles

Replace the insoles inside your Reax shoes regularly, especially if used for athletic training. This maintains underfoot cushioning and prevents interior wear. Buy Reax brand replacement insoles for proper fit.

Minimize Creases

Reduce creases and folds by loosely filling Reax shoes with spare towels when not being worn. This helps the synthetic leather and mesh fabric hold its shape and minimizes creasing when stored.

Use Cedar Shoe Trees

For leather Reax models, use cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture and maintain the proper shape when storing. Ensure shoe trees fit your specific Reax size to prevent stretching.

Store Properly

Keep Nike Reax shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sun and heat. Avoid moisture and mildew by not storing Reax shoes in basements, garages or bathrooms. Keep in original box if possible.

With consistent cleaning, protection and maintenance, your Reax shoes can deliver lasting performance and style season after season. Take care of your kicks and they’ll take care of your feet!