Structural Repairs


We at Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., fix your foundation permanently using traditional construction materials. We customize a solution to repair your foundation based on New Jersey State Building Construction Codes, and not guess at the problem with temporary fixes and poor workmanship.

The foundation of your home is truly the most important component of its construction. A poor foundation will not only diminish the integrity of a building but can even condemn it for demolition. It takes a true specialist in the field with 16 years of experience performing waterproofing installations and constructing and repairing foundations like Amazonia's president, Allan Santos to know how to stay clear of quick fixes that will only waste your time and money.

For example, we at Amazonia use traditional construction materials such as concrete and steel, and not cheap new alternatives like carbon fiber strips that other waterproofing companies use. They may tell you that carbon fiber is a great solution to fix your foundation because it is 18 times stronger that steel. This is only true when you keep a 1 to 1 ratio of steel to carbon fiber strips. However, most waterproofing companies do not tell you know that a steel beam is 48 times thicker than a carbon fiber strip.

On average, you would need a 6"x 6" steel I-beam to fix a horizontal crack in your foundation. However, waterproofing companies use carbon fiber strips that are only 1/8" thick to fix this problem. Carbon fibers are also a poor alternative because they are glued in place. Would you trust glue to permanently hold several tons of pressure the dirt and water is applying on your foundation walls?

At Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., we do not gamble on quick fixes with your money. We do it right the first time, using the best materials on the market. We will fix your foundation permanently and give you a lifetime warranty on our service. We use proven standardized procedures to perform all of our Structural Repairs. Each Structural Repair is customized to suit your property.

You can read more about Structural Problems in your basement and about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Structural Repairs Process.


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