Structural Problems


The most visible Structural Problems that occur on block and brick foundations are cracks. Cracks in the foundation are usually caused by normal foundation settlement. In most cases, this occurs in foundations that were poorly constructed with deficient reinforcing rebar (vertical enforcement) and deficient durawalls (horizontal reinforcement). Cracks can also occur when the block or concrete walls are built off of the footing or without a footing altogether. Other causes can be attributed to poor material and workmanship.

In every case, however, the cracks will only get bigger over time and more costly to repair. Horizontal cracks for example, if left unchecked, will not only get bigger but also cause the wall to bow inwards. To permanently correct this problem, wall pins and/or I-beams need to be installed. For vertical or inclined cracks, the best solution is to use Wall Stitches. When cracks are very advanced and pose a serious structural problem, a more costly wall replacement is necessary.

Although the examples above cover a majority of cases with Structural Problems, a Foundation Specialist must perform an extensive inspection to pinpoint the causes and outline a Structural Repairs solution. Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., president, Allan Santos, will use his 16 years of foundation experience to draw a conclusive plan to fix your foundation and save your investment.

You can learn more about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Structural Repairs Process.

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