Outdoor Drainage Solutions


Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., Outdoor Drainage Solutions include the installation of the Exterior Foundation Drainage System, Landscape Drainage System and Drywells. Our Outdoor Drainage Solutions are both dependable and permanent because they are backed by more than a decade of experience and a deep understanding of water dynamics.

Exterior Foundation Drainage System

When installing our Exterior Foundation Drainage System, we at Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc. rebuild your existing foundation drain properly using the best materials available, so you can be sure that it will not fail. The Exterior Foundation Drainage System is a permanent solution to waterproof your basement backed by our 100% warranty.

Landscape Drainage System

Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., Landscape Drainage System is designed to redirect excess water on your property to a neutral position. Landscape Drainage System is the optimal solution if you have poor drainage on your property and water sits in places causing your grass to die and mosquitoes to breed. Our Landscape Drainage System is also recommended to help prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. It does not however, offer a 100% guarantee that water will never reach your basement. For a permanent waterproofing solution with 100% warranty, we recommend our Basement Water Management System.

Amazonia's comprehensive Landscape Drainage System involves the installation of a French Drain, Downspouts, and possibly a Drywell or Sump Pump. We also address the water issues that pertain to your sidewalks and patios by replacing them.


A Drywell is a passive underground structure where water flows under the influence of gravity. A Drywell disposes of unwanted water, most commonly storm water runoff, by dissipating it into the ground, where it merges with the local ground water. Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc. will install the appropriate Drywell for your needs, whether this need is to drain large amounts of water or simply drain unwanted water from the washing machine, dishwasher, water treatment systems, bath tubs, Jacuzzi, sump pumps, etc.


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