Mold Remediation


We follow all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines when removing mold growth in your basement. Our comprehensive Mold Remediation Process not only eliminates mold growth quickly and efficiently, it also blocks future mold growth. Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., comprehensive Mold Remediation Process includes Mold Containment, Mold Abatement, the installation of Humidex and other humidity control devices, and lifetime warranted waterproofed basement.

For Mold Containment, our Mold Remediation Technicians apply polyethylene sheeting around affected areas and block off all existing air vents such as air conditioning and heating vents, doors, windows, etc. Air circulation is limited to the Negative Air Machine equipped with a HEPA filtered fan. The Negative Air Machine stays on during the entire process to ensure that all airborne mold spores are trapped inside the filters of the Negative Air Machine.

Mold Abatement is another integral part of our Mold Remediation Process. It involves the removal of all contaminated items from your basement, including carpet, wood, sheetrock, wallboards, insulation, vinyl tiles, papers and clothing items, etc., using sealed plastic bags. Amazonia Waterproofing Mold Remediation Technicians will remove the bags containing the contaminated items using a basement door, bilco door, or even a basement window to limit the mold exposure. If moving the contaminated items is not possible using these means, extra precautions such as additional polyethylene curtains and floor mats will be put into place to protect the trafficked areas.

Once the mold problem has been treated, waterproofing your basement and installing the Humidex system, an exceptionally powerful humidity control device, is key to maintaining a healthy environment and avoiding future mold outbreaks. This quiet Humidex system draws in moist, contaminated indoor pollutants, and expels them safely from the home. The unhealthy air is then replaced with a flow of drier, fresher air drawn downward from the upper levels of your home. Humidex not only provides the home with much needed healthier air, it creates crucial ventilation which inhibits the growth of molds and reduces moisture related problems. You can read more about the Humidex System on our Ventilation Systems page.

Amazonia Waterproofing tailors our Mold Remediation Process specifically for your home. You can learn more about Mold Problems and about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Mold Remediation Process.

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