Landscape Drainage System


Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., Landscape Drainage System is designed to redirect excess water on your property to a neutral position. Our Landscape Drainage System is the optimal solution if you have poor drainage on your property and water sits in places causing your grass to die and mosquitoes to breed. Amazonia's Landscape Drainage System is also recommended to help prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. It does not however, offer a 100% guarantee that water will never reach your basement. For a permanent waterproofing solution with 100% warranty, we recommend Amazonia's Basement Water Management System.

Our comprehensive Landscape Drainage System involves the installation of a French Drain, Downspout Connections, and possibly a Drywell or Sump Pump. We also address the water issues that pertain to your sidewalks and patios by replacing them. When installing our Landscape Drainage System, we position the French Drain so that it strategically crosses all poor drainage areas and protects your home. We connect all Downspouts coming off of the French Drain to the Landscape Drainage System so that the water coming from the downspouts can be properly discharged to a neutral position. When producing a proper pitch to discharge this water to a neutral position is not possible, we will install either a Drywell or a Sump Pump.

We at Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., pay extra close attention to the details when installing your Landscape Drainage System to ensure that your drainage solution is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. We successfully install an effective drainage even in a poor or reversed graded property. We use only the best materials on the market from nationally recognized vendors. During the installation, we make every effort possible not to disturb your property. Days before digging starts, we call for mark out of all underground gas, water, cable, telephone and electric utility lines. When digging in grassy areas, we separate the top grass into sections and carefully return it into place after trenches are completed. When connecting Downspouts, we use white PVC fittings instead of black ADS pipes for aesthetic reasons, though both materials are equally sound. After installing Amazonia's Landscape Drainage System, you will never have to worry about poor drainage or ugly waterproofing eyesores along your property.

All workmanship is covered by Amazonia Waterproofing's transferable warranty. We use proven standardized procedures to perform each and every Landscape Drainage System Installation. Although each installation is customized to suit your property, you can learn more about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Landscape Drainage System Installation Process.


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