Battery Powered Submersible Sump Pump Backup System


Installing Amazonia's Battery Powered Submersible Sump Pump Backup System virtually eliminates the possibility of water getting into your basement because of main sump pump failure or power outage. We at Amazonia Waterproofing, Inc., offer you the most reliable and effective configuration to back up your waterproofing system using the best materials on the market.

Amazonia's Battery Powered Sump Pump Backup System is equipped with a remarkably powerful 120 volt APC unit that is capable of sustaining your entire waterproofing system. Most waterproofing companies install a system with a significantly weaker 12 volt sump pump which they connect to a car battery.

Amazonia Waterproofing proudly uses Zoeller Sump Pumps as part of our Battery Powered Submersible Sump Pump Backup System. All Zoeller pumps are time tested and quality driven. They are 100% factory tested under water for dependability from the instant they are plugged in. Zoeller is the oldest independently owned U.S. manufacturer that continues to maintain the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of pumps. Zoeller Sump Pumps are installed with a three year extended manufacturer's warranty. You can read more about Zoeller Sump Pumps on their company website http://www.Zoeller.com.

Amazonia installs not one, but two 1/3 HP Zoeller Sump Pumps with our backup system. The main pump is installed at the bottom of the basin. The second pump, which is the backup pump, is installed 3 inches higher than the main pump. Because Zoeller Sump Pumps have built-in float switches, the bottom pump will always run first, pumping water out of the basin. The main pump is plugged into the electrical outlet and the backup pump is connected to the APC unit, which is on stand-by mode. This mechanism prevents the backup pump from being used on a regular basis. The backup pump will only be trigged when there is a real emergency such as a power outage or in the event that the main pump malfunctions or breaks. As a result, the backup pump and APC unit will be used very rarely and will have lasting longevity.

Be wary of waterproofing systems that use only one sump pump in their installations. An APC unit without a second pump requires that the APC unit and the backup pump run at all times, with or without power. Because of this constant usage, the APC unit will need to be replaced quickly and may not work when you need it the most. You can learn more about our general process by reviewing the steps of our Battery Powered Submersible Sump Pump Backup System Installation Process.


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